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River list

This is a list of all the rivers that I can remember paddling on. I'm lucky to have been able to go so many places. I hesitate to publish this, because I like to emphasize a boating style that celebrates not a list of accomplishments, but a set of skills. It doesn't take much to go get your boat wet in a whole lot of rivers, and you sometimes encounter really stellar paddlers that have spent their whole career on just a handful of rivers. However, I was a little curious, and compiling the list really brought back a lot of memories, so I figured that I would share it. Of course, if you weren't on the runs, then me listing the names of the rivers won't really evoke any special memories, so this is not a very exciting article for most people, but sometimes I have to do stuff for myself, not my fans. And then post about it on facebook. I have almost certainly forgotten a couple rivers, and I probably mistakenly listed a couple rivers twice, thinking that different run