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Chile Video(s)

It's amazing how my life just seems to go on hold whenever we come back from a trip. Since returning from Chile, I have felt like I have barely had any time to edit photos or video. However, by assigning smaller homework assignments and skipping out on my research, I finally managed to put together a little video with the footage from our Grand Prix trip to Chile. Chile Grand Prix trip from Leif Anderson on Vimeo . While on the final push of editing, I couldn't quite find a spot for the GoPro footage from the day where I swam on the Nevados. I wanted to sort of show the mini-story there, but there just wasn't a good place for it in the song, so I slapped together a short video of just the swim itself. Thus far, the video of the swim, which I spent about 10 seconds assembling, has been more popular than the main Chile video, which I worked on over the course of several weeks. Hopefully this says more about the paddling public than it does about my editing skills.