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Natalie can now panam

Attention world: Natalie has learned to panam. Consider yourself warned. From Mwave 9/2009 Details to follow.

Birthday Bash: Blugrass Creek

My birthday was last Saturday on August 29. I didn't have anything more exciting planned for the weekend than painting the outside of our house on Sunday with Leif's mom Ann (soon to be my mother-in-law!), until Casper Mike (soon to be Bozeman Mike) had the great intuition to call me to go boating on Bluegrass Creek, WY. I jumped at the idea to run a creek which I have never run before. The trip proved to be just what I was hoping for. The creek was a perfect mix of heady whitewater with some steep drops and a nice long paddle in some beautiful scenery and awesome geology (minus the 20 fences that we had to duck under). Casper Mike put together a little video of the trip so you can check that out at: http://casperka yakers.blogspot .com/2009/09/bl uegrass-creek-g ml The first mile of the creek is totally unnatural rip roaring good time. On Saturday there was 365 cfs being discharged out of Wheatland Reservoir #3 through a manmade rock tunnel and into