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2009 Icebreaker - Golden Colorado

Well folks, as I mentioned in passing during my last cheerful and upbeat post ( "CSU can suck it!" ), Jeremy Allen and a couple other people got pretty fired up and managed to recruit Natalie and me to the CSU Canoe & Kayak Interdisciplinary Team. (Since that's such a mouthful, I'll just call it by the acronym; CSUCKIT.) The basic reason for forming the team was that the 2009 Spring Icebreaker, put on by the Colorado School of Mines, was going to be happening this weekend, and in order to compete for prizes, we needed a team of 5 people, with at least one of them female. As I described in an email to the kayak club, "The water is low, and even when the water is high enough, the spot's not that good. I'm mostly excited about the awesome team name." But whatever the causes, Natalie and I were hooked. For all you lazy illiterate bastards out there, I put together a slide show, so you don't have to read too many words. It's like a movi

CSU can suck it!

We've got pool sessions again. We don't need your help, CSU! So, as many of my devoted followers already know, the CSU pools and rec. department are a bunch of jerks. Over the past few years, they have worked diligently to pretty much outlaw kayaking in the CSU pools. Your average school of this size would probably have a roll session that was put on by the school itself. However CSU not only doesn't put on a roll session, once we got together and put together an informal kayak club (informal because CSU wouldn't fund the club) and made our members pay in order to rent the pool, the school started introducing bogus rules to make the pool sessions unviable. They limited the number of kayaks in the pool to 8, which was nonsense. We had about 30 people standing around chest deep in the pool (glaring at the lifeguards), and only 8 of the paying people could be in their boats at a time. Then they upped the rule to say that there could be only 8 kayakers (not kayaks,