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Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked us to teach you how to kayak or to help you improve your kayaking. Due to the level of interest from everyone, we decided put together a formal price list.

We approach kayak instruction like a music teacher would teach weekly music lessons, or personal fitness trainers devise personalized fitness plans.  We focus on both the mental and skill components of your progression, identifying what needs to be improved the most for you to achieve your goals with the sport. We are available to coach at frequency that you desire. We can do sessions to get you started in improving your kayaking to the next level, However, it is up to you to practice and the more regularly we are able to coach, the more we will be able to personalize and target your progression.

We offer instruction for one on one rolling (Natalie) or other flatwater (Natalie or Leif) such as flatwater cartwheeling, loops, forward paddling, etc.  $30 for 1 hr of rolling in the pool $50 for a short session outside on the river(1-2hrs).   We can provide gear for no extra cost, if what we have fits you.  Natalie does not like to teach rolling for more than one hour because from past experience she has found that after one hour you will be mentally and/or physically tired and generally continuing to press on is counterproductive.  This cost does not cover any pool entrance fee.

We offer would love to coach you out on the river. $100 per day  for a longer run or $50 for a short session where we might just go to one spot or do a shorter run.  Short and long session costs can be split with up to 3 people.

Natalie is currently offering  a 5-day womens freestyle coaching clinic on the Slave River.




  1. Joel and Kari SholtesApril 16, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    My wife, Kari, and I just got done with four lessons from Natalie. She's a great teacher in that she works with you individually adapting her instruction to suit your approach to learning. Not only does she know her stuff, she knows how to translate it to someone who's never been in a whitewater kayak before. We both got our rolls starting from zero by the 3rd/4th lesson!

  2. Do you provide cold Kokanee's?


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