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Tsunami Surf!

This is basically a repeat of a post I put up on the fluid site, but it's got a few more bonus photos. On Monday, March 14th, just days after the 9.0 quake in Japan . Leif, our buddy Dave Schmitt, and I headed to Arcata to catch some big waves. Moonstone beach in Trinidad was definitely not behaving normally, with waves breaking much further out and the water sloshing in and out more dramatically than usual. From Tsunami Surf From Tsunami Surf the 'tide' goes out and the 'tide' comes in. All in much less than a minute. I felt like I already had a full day on Willow Creek so I didn't get in, but I watched the boys catch some great waves and conversed with a very classic Arcatan (someone who resides in Arcata- but may not have a house). The next day the waves were just as big and the surf was much more organized. I got in then and threw the four biggest pan-ams of my life (sorry no photos!). From Tsunami Surf Dave and Leif kickin it. From Ts

Not much happening right now

So, it's been so long since we posted anything that I figured even the relatively minor adventures of this last weekend were worth writing about. Nathan, Spencer (a.k.a. "buddy" ) and I took a weekend trip to the BV playpark. It was cold, the water was low, and we were out of shape. It was better than not kayaking, and we had a blast. Here is a quick photo essay of the trip. "Are you serious?" As we were packing to leave, Spencer realized that weekend trip meant an overnight stay. BV in March "They've kidnapped me, sweetie! Send the money and maybe they'll release me sunday afternoon." BV in March Spencer gets ready for the cold water. BV in March Nathan gets in while we complain about the long lines. Dustin Urban was there ahead of us. BV in March Spencer at the LoDo wave at 400. BV in March Dustin seemed to be able to throw just about any trick at this spot, but this loop by Nathan was pretty much the only move any of us did al