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March Madness Photo comp recap

This March-June, we both entered Darin McQuoid's March Madness photo contest. This contest is based on an old online photo contest that The Range Life blog used to host. I remember seeing the original once or twice and wishing I was cool enough to have something to enter. Well, years have passed, and now the contest is revived and lo and behold we are cool enough to have a ton of photos to enter. Throughout the competition, Darin provided commentary on the photos and results. The decisions were based on five votes: four judges and a popular vote. Darin was not one of the judges, so his commentary is unbiased and very interesting to read through. I've included links to his commentary at each stage of the competition. It's worth checking out. I've also linked to the site so that you can see what photos we were competing against. I can't repost the other people's photos without permission, of course, so you have to visit the original contest site to see

Double Duo Date, Slave River

We've been talking about it for years.... a top to bottom no portage Slave River Rapids run (Fort Fitzgerald to Fort Smith, ~20 km). In the past, we've been turned off by the longish stretches of flat water that we'd have to paddle in our cramped playboats. Enter option Duo with camping and double date (minus the wine that I forgot to pack). It was a perfect two days of paddling, ~5 hours on the water + priceless hours hanging out on the rocks with our very close friends and Fort Smith locals, John Blyth and Gen Cote. We didn't take many photos, but I feel like the ones that we did get really captured the flavor of the outing. The team(s) at Fort Fitz John and Gen catch some air off of Rollercoaster Gen and Nat Leif and Nat at Twinkies John and Gen on Twinkies John being John. John's a little bummed that Natalie burnt the veggies Wow.  Just Wow.  I'm just a little scared. Inspired by Come Down to the River, circa 19