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The Lower New

As the end of last semester came to a close, Leif and I decided to leave behind to snow and ice laden streams of Colorado to seek warmer environs in the North Coast. Colorado, Brrrr New River Gorge California, ahhh that is better! New River Gorge I have wanted to run the Lower New River ever since Leif and I left Arcata for graduate school in Colorado about three years ago. I was finally rewarded with a perfect sunny day spent in a spectacular gorge with a perfectly padded flow. Scouting the Confluence of the New and Trinity. This was a perfect padded flow. New River Gorge Voted "Best Photo of the Day" compliments to Natalie for a quick shutter finger and to Leif for knowing that being slightly offline on the "portage" rapid would make a better photo. New River Gorge We took my brother along just so that he could show us how the tall drops should be run, in reference to the day we taught him how to huck waterfalls on the Green Truss an