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Thanksgiving Trip

I know everyone out there has come to love my amazing poetic style, but I don't have time now for a full exploration of all the different aspects of the Thanksgiving break trip that Natalie, Brent, and I went on. As a brief outline, we left two or three days early and drove straight from Fort Collins to Skookumchuck without stopping, then gradually worked our way back down through oregon and washington through the rest of the week-long break. We surfed the ocean for a few days, had a great T-day run on the North Santiam, and squeezed in a Farmlands and Green Truss run on the last day. We couldn't find the putin, so the Farmlands part of that run was accidental. I haven't had time to go through the photos in full detail and write cunning captions for every one of them, but enjoy the slideshow below.