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UGANDA: The White Nile

For those of you who knew that we went to Uganda from Dec 17th to Jan 18th to kayak on the White Nile you have probably just about given up checking for this post especially since we originally said we were probably going to post while we were in Africa. On principle, I figured that I better get this written before I finished my month long post-trip prescription of Doxycyline (no Malaria yet). So, despite being slammed by such "-ing" activities as: TA-ing, grading, researching and skiing, I have finally managed to find a little time to do a little writing about our adventuring for your pleasure-ing. From nile blog- part 1 I am going to write this up in three parts so that you, the reader, can just skip to the pictures/stories in which you are interested. Part 1 =big water rapids in the Day 1 section Part 2 =playboating photos mostly from the Nile Special (tons of these photos) Part 3 = other such as: friends, scenary, wildlife etc. (not as many photos there as I would