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March 1: Yup, still winter.

I know that many of you have been wondering about something. You've been looking out your windows, thinking about how little snow there is, and you've been asking yourself: "Is it summer yet?" Well, since I'm a scientist, I decided to not just sit around and idly wonder my days away. I decided it was time to answer the world's tough questions. I decided to go kayaking. Natalie and I packed up our gear and drove over to Glenwood Springs, to see if we could gather any information about the Glenwood whitewater park, and the weather. Well, it was a difficult journey, and we've spent many hours poring over the data that we gathered. We were joined in our experiment by Fred (of Roaring Fork Kayakers ) and Sage (of... Carbondale), and we're still waiting for the official verdict from them, but we just couldn't keep this information from the public for a single moment longer. Our preliminary findings indicate: Yes, it is still winter-time. Putti