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Slave 2012 - Week 2

Here are a couple handy Slave-related links: Map of the rapids last year ( week 1 , week 2 , week 3 , goodbye , wood video ) 2012 Week 1 2012 Week 3 Best of this year Week 2 - New rapid and Sweet Spot Right at the end of last week, there was an explosion of new people. On their first day, we led them through the new rapid. We made Jen Eddie and Markus Leppaenen run it blind, because you can only do that once. The line got a little narrower with the reduced flows, which led to some great laughs after the rapid. After that, we headed over to Cassette Rapids, where we finally found the water level where the feature called "The Bitch" is good to surf. No, we did not make up the name. The name of that feature has a bit of a story behind it, but let's just say that it's a little too... shocking... for the blog. If you know the story, that was hilarious. If not, sorry, that was probably nonsense. And then I said, "yeah, left is fine. Hahaha!"

Slave 2012 - Week 1

Here are a couple handy Slave-related links: Map of the rapids last year ( week 1 , week 2 , week 3 , goodbye , wood video ) Week 2 Week 3 Best of this year This Week has been a little busy, so we haven't had time to update our posts day by day. Here are all our adventures, in one big mass. There is a slideshow at the very bottom of all our photos of the trip so far. Some of our favorites from this week are sprinkled liberally throughout the article. The water has started out high this year, and there's still a lot of snowpack left up there in them hills down south. It's so high, in fact, that the traditional high water spot known as Sweet Spot has been washed out. We've spent most of our time on lines that go through the Forgotten Waves and Chico (check the Map of the rapids to see where I'm talking about). We also watched a forest fire from Chico. Slave 2012 John remembers how to work Forgotten wave. Slave 2012 Natalie gets a cool bounce on

Best of the Slave 2012

During our Slave trip this year, we are going to keep a running list of our favorite few shots. As new shots come in, we will keep this list mostly up to date, so keep checking back. Natalie Anderson From Slave 2012 Photo by Mike Sietzinger Slave 2012 From Slave 2012 Leif Anderson Shot on a GoPro HD Hero 2. Slave 2012 From Slave 2012 From Slave 2012 John Blyth From Slave 2012 From Slave 2012 From Slave 2012

Just passing through...

We have just arrived at the Slave River in Fort Smith, NWT. It's a very long drive, and this year we broke the drive up by swinging through BC on the way. I mean, they're both in Canada, so they shouldn't be that far apart, right? If you've been following our blog, you already know that we spent about 9 days at Skook as part of this expedition. The rest of our time was spent driving around late at night trying to find putins and takeouts, then camping in the rain. I guess we also did splash around occasionally on a few rivers. Here are some shots from our creeking escapades. There is a slideshow with more photos at the end of the article. Da Germans on De Farmlands. BC Boating Natalie breezes through Mini Lava. BC Boating All three sizes of the Bazooka at the Little White Putin. BC Boating Natalie and Leif above Spirit BC Boating The advantage of having them shoot video for everyone but me. BC Boating From BC Boating Markus had a birthday during our t