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Slave River week 2

A massive flood has hit the Slave, and water levels are higher than we've ever seen them. As the water slowly works back down to the pre-flood levels, we hope to see the whole spectrum of playspots that the Slave can offer. We will continue to add updates to this page every day or so, so keep checking back. And in case you lost the link, you can find a map of the rapids here , and week 1 here . Day one million. July 27: Sweet spot, flows unknown (broken gauge). Sweet Spot is still a little bit too high, so it greens out too much to surf... unless you're in an Element. I could just barely catch the wave in my surf boat, and once I got out there, it was a rowdy ride. I threw about three moves in the whole session, and the first two weren't on film because we didn't think the wave could be caught. Once we got the camera out, I mostly had some really intense frontsurfs. It was a blast. From Faces of Whitewater Big thanks to John for taking photos. It must

Knock on Wood. Slave River Flood.

This is a SPECIAL post because it is the first time John Blyth and Natalie have edited a movie and they have chosen one very special catchy song to set the back drop for the most crazy day on the water, EVER! Watch this movie at your own peril because you might just have THE TOP GUN ANTHEM stuck in your head for the rest of the day. SLAVE RIVER FLOOD 2011: KNOCK ON WOOD (7,300 cms, 258,000 cfs) Slave River Flood 2011 - Knock on Wood from Leif Anderson on Vimeo . Here are some additional photographs. and a CBC news post about the water levels complete with an interview with John Blyth. For more posts about the slave river see Slave River! Week 1

Slave River! Week 1

In the past we have never really done our trips up to the Slave River justice as far as posting on the blog goes ( Overdue Slave post: Outrageous! , The Flood Continues , Slave flood! , Already worth the drive , Driving is awesome! ). This time around we are going to do things a little differently. Instead of waiting until the end and then wading through thousands of photos we are going to add to this post our favorite few photos from any day in which we take photos. We will also record the water level and the play spot for future reference. Please see this google map to find play spots mentioned in this blog post. Day 7: July 19th Cassette- ROCKEM SOCKEM! 6,800 cms From 2011 Rockem Sockem This is my absolute favorite photo from the day and here are some other sick shots! Day 6: July 18th Mountain Portage and Rapids of the Drowned 7,000 cms Avalanche Surf, 7000 cms from Natalie Kramer on Vimeo . We were actually able to surf Avalanche- sort of. Here is an unedit