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Stakeout with the gals

What has been particularly great during stakeout 2018 is that most times when I was surfing, I could count more women than men surfing with me. For those not familiar, 'stakeout' is the term for the action of 'staking out' (waiting for) big waves in Ontario and Quebec to come in during the spring rise and fall, and typically occurs from late April through the end of May. That's right, some of the tallest and fastest river waves have been paddled this spring by women all pushing themselves to go bigger- whether or not they were just pushing their limits by paddling through the wave, just getting started learning to surf waves coming from creeking disciplines, or working on throwing their personal arsenal of tricks with more air. While I have the Send boys ( @wearesend Dane, Adrian, Ben and Kalob) to partially thank for drawing some great women boaters to stakeout to surf with me as 2018 Unleashed invitees (Darby McAdams, Nouria Newman, Mariann Saether, Nicole