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The Slave ate my pants

Not only did the Slave claim my pants today, but also my boat and my paddle.  But loyal fans, the mighty river did not eat me and so I live to tell the tale. So, the Slave is very high right now, the highest we've seen it and I found this new epic epic epic wave with John Blyth.  Fast big and furious. See below.  Yet unamed.  (options: intimidator, medusa, fear itself, terror, hyra, leviathan, the punisher, panty snatcher) This wave actually has eddy service, which is odd for such a large feature.  If you flush it just takes about 10-20 minutes to navigate back to the wave depending on how many times you mess up the multiple ferries.   To get on the wave, you just have to enter surfers right through that big aerated pile of goodness. Like this (see above).  I was able to get on the wave with no problem about half of my tries with the other half starting and ending rapidly in some nose flushing.  Unfortunately, on one of those nose flushings I got pulled halfw

Boxelder creek, Wyoming

This post is long overdue, and I am not going to do this run any justice, but here is a video and some photos of our Boxelder season from this spring. Boxelder Creek, Wyoming from Leif Anderson on Vimeo . Boxelder is a strange little creek near Casper Wyoming. It has sort of a Cali feel, with a fair amount of exposed granite, but at the same time, it keeps that manky feel that Colorado is famous for. This year, we completely missed the good flow window because we were gone for a competition in Montana, so all we got was the ultra-low water shoulder. However, even at low water, Boxelder is a fun run, and we had a blast mobbing down this creek. There are a lot of challenges associated with Boxelder. The first is access. In the past, we have been able to use a nice easy putin at a bridge across the creek. You had to hop a fence and take about 10 steps over private land to get back to the river, and as far as I know, this was pretty much ok. However, somewhat recently, the