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Parents Unleashed 2019: Stage 4, Technical Creeking on the Basse Cache

After finishing up the technical freestyle, boater cross and big wave trick competitions, Unleashed moved on to wrap up the event with a technical creeking section. The plan was to head up and do an Unleashed event on the Nielson River just before the Nielson race, but after running the course it was apparent that the river level was just a tad too low and the rapids not quite up to snuff for a giant slalom race. But we all ran it anyway. Andi got stuffed under a log in the class two, Josh almost dislocated his shoulder, Billy (from Quebec) broke his elbow and Darby hurt her shoulder. It was a rough evening for many. I had a pretty good time on the run - it had been a long time I ran something I didn't know like the back of my hand, so the novelty was great. Darby was pissed because she had just rehabilitated her shoulder and this meant that she probably wasn't going to race in the morning. Kind of a bummer. SEND crew setting up gates Contemplation while the course