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New post on the way

Yes, globetrotting professional kayakers such as ourselves lead busy lives. This summer has been quite busy. We left for California straight after classes ended, planned out our wedding location, then came back to Colorado just barely in time to start the competitions. In the time between competitions, we've been paddling as much as we can for the Eddyflower Vertical Challenge , and it looks like team Leif and Natalie (which actually has 4 people on it) might be holding on to third place across the finish line. Of course your still welcome to donate to the cause, just make sure that you sponsor Natalie, not Leif- since Natalie inserted this sentence. Not much time in that complicated schedule to keep in touch with our adoring fans. I did have time before we left to dump a bunch of photos to the Fluid Blog , but they're out of date now. Since it's been so long since we made any sort of post, I thought I would put up this one photo, as an appetizer. Natalie on Brand