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Cool things to do with your GoPro

Or, for my kayaking audience: Sweet ill stuff to do while yo leg is broke. Specially if you are ballin on a budget. Brown. EDIT: I have written another article, featuring a newer stern mount, but also a short essay about my philosophy of GoPro filming. You can check it out here . Well, as you all know, I recently broke my leg, so I can't kayak for a while. During my downtime, I have been playing around with my camera equipment, and I thought I would write a post about some of the cool things that you can do to your GoPro. The GoPro HD cameras have revolutionized action cinematography, because they are so accessible and yet so high quality. I am still learning, but here are a couple of tips and modifications that I have found that help you get even more professional looking results with a minimal investment. I started this article by just writing about the time lapse tools, but then I just had to make a video showing them in action, and then it all spiraled out of cont