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Mwave 2013

It seems like it's becoming a tradition for us to collect a bunch of nice mwave photos, then sit on them until almost the end of the year and publish a huge group of them at once. Here is a link to our similar post from 2010 . I guess it's not much of a tradition if we only did it twice. But twice is more than once. It's interesting to see the progression in paddling and photography, and just sort of see the changes in emphasis between the two posts. It looks like we went bigger in 2010, (maybe different levels) but the tricks and photos may have been better this year. And in our defense, the 2010 post was a collection of all our best photos from a two or three month Mwave season, whereas the photos in this post were taken over the course of two weekend trips, before the levels dropped unexpectedly. Here are a few of my favorite shots, and there is a slideshow at the end with a lot more photos. First, one of my absolute favorites, which had almost nothing to do