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LW boof dedications and Darin McQuoid interview

A couple days ago, Darin McQuoid posted a relatively innocuous comment to his Facebook wall which sparked a heated online conversation. The debate revolved around the quality of online content. Here is that post (oh the technology!) Observe the number of comments (and click through to see if you can access them via facebook). You know what kayaking needs more of? Shameless sponsor plugs. And GoPro selfies. Posted by Darin McQuoid on  Wednesday, January 6, 2016 A few of my favorite bits (cherry picked, not to be taken as a complete picture), with names abbreviated to protect anonymity: JS: Don't forget a string of unintelligible hashtags Darin McQuoid: Or two strings if all the good ones won't fit in one. RKS: Small price to pay to do what you love... And you gotta start somewhere. As much as part of me misses the days where it took 1-2 years (or more) for a new DVD to come out, or months for photos to be released in a magazine, now a days the playin