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Nat's Medium Solo photo shoot: Burnt Ranch Gorge

This fall I sliced open a good 6 inch slit into the sidewall of my Prijon Creeker while running a low water run on the double drop on the gnar section of the Big Thompson. This is the first time I have broken a boat, and truth to be told, I am proud of it. However, if I broke as many boats as Leif breaks, I would start getting really frustrated and would try to find a magic elixer which would shorten me by six inches and take 30 pounds off my weight. But I digress, I broke my rock solid Prijon. I’m not even sure that it was my boat anyway, the ownership of the thing was never really clear since I never paid a cent for it. Maybe I should be saying, I sliced open Ann’s boat (but she never paid for it either..). The point is, the boat is out of commission. Being open to new possibilities on water craft, I decided to try out the medium solo that Celiers of Fluid Kayaks sent to Leif to use as a demo boat. The medium solo is larger (and much heavier) than the Creeker. I was excited to try it