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Natalie goes to Colombia and paddles the Cal Salmon

Some trips just aren't meant to be. I was planning on an incredible trip to Colombia, South America in March where I would get to team up with Celliers (owner of fluid kayaks), Mark Hentze (author of Colombian Whitewater ) and other Fluid team paddlers. Mark organized the trip and was really psyched to share with us his favorite place to paddle in the world. I was super excited to get to know and paddle with Mark and Celliers and the rest of the crew. Celliers even pushed production on the Bazooka so that we could have a photo shoot while we were down there. Here are some links to paddler reviews of the Bazooka: Valentin Grollemund , Bobby Miller and Andrew Kellet video . But fate, or the gods, or whatever, did not want this trip to happen. Things started to not come together the week before the trip when 1. I find out that Celliers wouldn't be able to make it because he was too busy getting the new US factory up and running. And, he wouldn't be able to bring me