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2013 Thanksgiving Trip

This past T-giving Leif and I met up with Cody Beach for a trip that ranks in one of my top kayaking trips of all time.  I missed last year's Thanksgiving break trip and was super excited to break away from my research to head to the Pacific Northwest (aka PNW) for a week.  We just had a blast and Cody ranks as one of the best all time Leif and Natalie third wheels. I always appreciated his upbeat attitude and it was fun to have someone to make fun of Leif with.  I paddled a different run every day for a week and I had tons of fun catching up and paddling with friends in White Salmon.  Residents from the PNW would say that nothing was running, but when you are visiting, not much needs to be running to have a great time. We ended up paddling Canyon Creek, the Upper Upper Cispus, Ohanapecosh, Lewis Falls (upper run and lower Lewis Falls), the White Salmon from Farmlands all the way down to the Columbia, and the Little White Salmon. Some of my highlights from the trip were:  The c