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Spring Break 2010: Droppin' Science

As usual, I'll just start this one off with a slideshow so that you don't have to scroll past all the text to get to the photos, you can see them all right away. Now, here's the deal. Last week was spring break, and in a surprising move, Natalie, who has a break, decided not to go, while Nathan Werner, who has a job, asked if he could tag along. After much deliberation, I gave the reluctant thumbs up. We packed up the car and rocked through the night to Arcata CA. While Nathan was "pushing the whip," (which means driving. I'm so hip.) I put in Fish outta Water By Chali 2na, and we discovered the catch line of the trip: "I be droppin' science like girls be droppin' babies." I couldn't really express why this line really resonated with the expedition, but it did. I mean, what does that really mean, anyway? I walk around funny for about 9 months, gain lots of weight, have mood swings, then have an incredibly painful process of..