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Rad Tour 2012

I'm sure someone has used that title before for their Colorado tour, but before you say anything, watch our video. ... Now, having watched the video, ask yourself: could anyone else be as rad as that? The Colorado season is usually a short season, but this year has been exceptional. Not exceptionally good - quite the opposite. It's now the end of May, and competitions are just beginning to get started, but many of the rivers have already peaked. Natalie and I have been dashing around the state trying to get on as much as we can before the drought really starts. We are making a special effort to get a lot of shots of Natalie, since we have the official word that the Whitewater Grand Prix will be selecting one women's wild card spot based on video submissions. We put together a promo for Natalie way back at the beginning of last fall to try to get this spot, but that was before we knew that the format for the 2012 WWGP would be entirely racing. Our old promo was m

Bazooka Review

There has been a lot of excitement about the new Fluid creekboat, the Bazooka. If you're on the edge of your seat waiting for your local shop to get its shipment, here are a couple reviews, from a variety of different viewpoints, as well as a bunch of photos. Detailed stats on the Bazooka can be found here: Fluid Kayaks: Bazooka . All reviewers paddled the Medium Bazooka. Our reviewers are: The Pro: Natalie Anderson Natalie has paddled on Team Fluid for several years now and is a highly experienced creekboater and playboater. Her sponsors include Fluid Kayaks, Snap Dragon Designs, H 2 O Paddles, and Stohlquist Waterware. Jump to Natalie's Review The skeptic: Nathan Werner Nathan is not so much a skeptic as a hater. He is most famous for hating profusely on, and is known as "the country boy hater". There has never been a confirmed instance where he has praised any product, and he has been personally responsible for creating sever