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Natalie's Whitewater Kayaking Talk: What makes a great kayaker?

So, I actually thought that I had posted this back in March, but I just realized that it never go put up! This Spring I was invited to speak at Colorado Whitewater's Fundraiser dinner. I'd never been invited to speak before so I really took it seriously. Since I was invited to speak because I competed in the Whitewater Grand Prix (see our past posts in November through January 2013 ), and because I’ve noticed a more popular interest by more people in “running the gnar,” I took the opportunity to share with everyone my two bits about how one gets to the level of boating you saw in the WWGP and more generally, What Makes a Great Kayaker. This talk was really geared towards class III-IV and new class V paddlers, but I think that everyone got something out of it, whether you didn't kayak at all, or already considered yourself a badass. I ended up putting together a talk that I'm pretty proud of. It was quite fun to actually sit, think, write down, and speak about s