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Lyons Outdoor Games 2009

I have no idea how this happened, but somehow, I finished the Lyons games without a single photo of myself. I took a handful of photos of other people, but nobody stepped up to the plate and took photos of me. I'm baffled. Last year, we ended up with literally hundreds of photos of me and Natalie. This year, zero. It's probably because Natalie wasn't there. Fortunately for you, loyal fans, I am now a pro photographer. That's right. I sold a photo. For twenty bucks! Obviously I won't post it on the blog, sorry, but this is just more evidence of my amazing skills. Clearly the other photos are also on par. Check out this work of art. Lyons games EXTREME! Full album Everyone loves photos of cute kids, so here's a handful of those. Sage and Henry. Full album Legit slalom. Full album Next I'll be posting photos of kittens or something. Full album Alright, that's about enough of that. Wouldn't want the folks at home to think that I was no

Tragically Serious

As a preamble to this post, I want to acknowledge the fact that usually my blog posts are almost completely untrue. I mean, they will include facts, but I will usually present them in a quite obviously biased and often intentionally confusing manner which makes the post almost entirely fictitious. My intention is that this post will not be like that. What I'm working my way down to is this. A fellow paddler lost his life while paddling with myself and Eric Bissel. His name was Drew Hunter. We were running a class IV section of Black Gore Creek, called the Fish Ladders. This was Drew's introduction to creekboating, and it was a step that he was ready to make. Basically, what happened was that about halfway down the run, Drew missed a boof, and got stuck in a hole. He had a rougher swim than we expected, and near the bottom of the series of drops, he hit his head, which probably knocked him unconscious. We had a reasonable safety setup in place, and tried unsuccessfully