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Poland Creek - life lessons galore

For those of you with no attention span, look! Pretty pictures! For the rest of you, read on. Fresh back from a month of paddling in Africa, I was having a rough week of kayak withdrawal, so when my friend Nathan Werner told me about a 30 year flood happening in Arizona, I jumped on the chance for a quick fix like the desperate junkie that I am. We had a long phone conversation where we both wavered back and forth, intimidated by factors such as the truly massive flows, the weather (it was January, after all), and the 14 - 16 hour drive from Fort Collins to Payson AZ. However, after seeing enough photos of the sweet waterfalls on Christopher creek, and seeing the gauges drop from "FLOOD" to "TOO HIGH" on friday morning, I decided to throw my weight into the adventure. Natalie decided not to go, saying something about "winter" and "flood" and "blah blah blah". Nathan had his doubts also, but eventually I used my silver bullet. I ca