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Glenwood Rodeo

Conor Flynn during warmups. Photo by Leif Anderson Head Judge Gary Mullins and head announcer Ken Hoeve. Photo by Joel Shute. As you probably already know, there is a whitewater park in Glenwood Srpings now, and it kicks ass. The thing that really sets the Glenwood park apart is that it's on the Colorado River, so (unlike certain other spots that usually host Freestyle Nationals), this park will be good all year long. This means that just when everything (and I mean everything) else in the state is starting to wind down, the Glenwood park is still as good as ever. So, on the last day of summer, Glenwood Canyon Kayak and the town of Glenwood hosted the last rodeo of the season. The weather cooperated until right at the end of the competition, at which point fall officially settled in, with a chilly rainstorm. I had been waiting for this rodeo for a long time. I was very excited to finally be able to compete in my home town. Natalie had a field trip on saturday, so I spe