Slave River! Week 1

In the past we have never really done our trips up to the Slave River justice as far as posting on the blog goes (Overdue Slave post: Outrageous!, The Flood Continues, Slave flood!, Already worth the drive, Driving is awesome!). This time around we are going to do things a little differently. Instead of waiting until the end and then wading through thousands of photos we are going to add to this post our favorite few photos from any day in which we take photos. We will also record the water level and the play spot for future reference. Please see this google map to find play spots mentioned in this blog post.

Day 7: July 19th
Cassette- ROCKEM SOCKEM! 6,800 cms
From 2011 Rockem Sockem
This is my absolute favorite photo from the day

and here are some other sick shots!

Day 6: July 18th
Mountain Portage and Rapids of the Drowned 7,000 cms

Avalanche Surf, 7000 cms from Natalie Kramer on Vimeo.

We were actually able to surf Avalanche- sort of. Here is an unedited go pro footage (coming soon). Although we don't have any good shots, chico wave just keeps getting better the higher it gets!

Day 5: July 17th
Pine Lake Picnic and Mountain, 7,100 cms

From Slave Posts

From Slave Posts

From Slave Posts
Leif and John beat out the rest of the canoe enthusiast for for a gold in the pine lake canoe race. John and Gen took gold and silver respectively in the corn husk and Natalie took silver in the potato sack race.

Day 4: July 16th
Cassette Exploration, 7,300 cms (258,000 cfs)

The river had a carpet of driftwood moving past the putin, which sketched out most of us. Entire trees had space to quietly drift past. This made the rapids quite interesting.

From Slave 2011

Apparently at 7300, Outrageous really does wash out, Dave's Demise turns into an ok wave with no eddy access, and Rockem Sockem becomes a nice diagonal wave with a strong shoulder. We surfed Rockem Sockem for a while.

From Slave 2011

From Slave 2011

Day 3: July 15th
Mountain Portage exploration, 6,400 cms (226,000 cfs)

From Slave 2011

Day 2: July 14th
Sweet Spot, 5,200 cms (184,000 cfs)

Leif and John took a quick session at Sweet Spot and hurried back so that John could teach in the afternoon. Leif took the Element out on the Slave for the first time.

From Slave 2011

From Slave 2011

DAY 1: July 13th
Sweet Spot, 4,600 cms (162,000 cfs)

Best Scenic Shot
From Slave Posts
Looking out across Molly's Nipple. Photo by Natalie

Best Action Shot
From Slave Posts

this was my first time surfing the sweet spot and this shot of Leif really shows how It felt most of the time. Although slightly out of control, this wave really dishes up some big air. Click on the thumbnails below to view some big tricks.

From Slave Posts

From Slave Posts
Somewhere in Montana

We made it! Left Glenwood Springs Sunday Evening around 4:00pm and arrived Wednesday at 3:00am.
From Slave Posts

From Slave Posts

I almost forgot about all the bugs!


  1. Nice pics! I couldn't clink on the thumbnails, but it doesn't really matter, I get the point! Looks like you're having a good ol' time! I like your little license plate skull: )

  2. Thanks Beth. We'll get the links fixed on the thumbnails soon here.

  3. Hope it's treatin' you right Leif and Natalie and crew. Watch out for the big hole at the top of Cassette. I heard of this one guy that got all messed up there once ...


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