Wedding Part I: Bachelor Party

Well, so, I maybe shouldn't post all these photos... I mean, we did some crazy stuff at that bachelor party. Hell, I don't even remember all of it. Fortunately, there were no tigers involved, but it was still a little crazy.

Well, maybe I can sort of hint about the things that happened, without going into any embarrassing details. There's a slideshow at the end, but here are a couple of the photos that are safe for the main page.

A small group of us met up the weekend before the wedding for a traditional bachelor party. John Blyth flew in from Canada a day earlier than everyone else, so he and I decided to start the party a little ahead of schedule.

John partied hard before the party even started. Bachelor Party

Because of John's history, we decided it might be best to put him in the Detox for the duration of the party. He resisted at first, of course, but we eventually convinced him. I think that it did him some good. He still partied pretty hard.

This was just the warmup. Bachelor Party

The next evening, Conor Flynn and Nathan Werner drove in, and we routed them straight from the highway to the next bar. Then the legendary Alex J. Wolfgram joined us for a 14 hour party marathon. I didn't take too many photos, and I really can't say too much about it on the internet, but let's just say that Conor was a little off the hook.

Alex J. Wolfgram, with his trademark "Yeaaaaaaahhhhh" Bachelor Party

Did I really do that? Bachelor Party

Conor started off with a couple shots. Bachelor Party

Conor about to take yet another shot. This was still only at about 11:00. Bachelor Party

This was Nathan's first real hit. He held out for a long time. Bachelor Party

We had a super late night that night, and ended up walking out at about 1:00. The next day, we were all pretty sore and hungover, so we took it real easy. Fortunately for us, we had planned three days of partying, so after our rest day, we got right back at it. Taylor Cavin joined us, and showed us how these bachelor parties were meant to go.

Taylor almost spills his drink. Bachelor Party

Woah, Nathan. Don't get us kicked out of here. Bachelor Party

Alex wasn't just there for the hot wings... although they were delicious. Bachelor Party

The bouncers really didn't like it when Taylor took off his pants. Bachelor Party

Hey Conor, buddy, you're a married man! Take it easy there. Bachelor Party

I guess it wouldn't be fair not to include at least one photo of myself... Bachelor Party

Woo! After that little epic, we decided to take it back down a notch.

The oldest hangover cure ever. Bachelor Party

Here's a slideshow of all the photos we took:


  1. you meant to say nathan held it IN after his first hit...right?

  2. I think someone swam that night too

  3. dude that is such an epic picture, huge waterfall, i'm stoked!!

  4. What a unique way of spending your bachelor party! It's something you can call fun in your own right, as the thrill of the raging water will keep your adrenaline pumping!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Hi, this is very nice post. I love the photos its really great and also the water rafting. I like it so much. Great job. Thank you.


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