John Blyth visits America

John, amazed by our crazy American beers; Pabst. Full Album

Our friend John Blyth lives in Fort Smith, Canada, on the banks of the Slave river. (The average low flow for the Slave is about 100,000 cfs.) One of his nicknames is Johnny One-river since he only paddles on the Slave, but he always strenuously asserts that he has paddled more than one river - at least 4 or 5. Like the Ottowa, for example. Anyway, after several trips up to the Slave where we stayed at John's house for like a month at a time, we kept saying that we were happy to return the favor if John was ever passing through Colorado. This year he finally took us up on it. He had bought a new safari truck in Ontario, which he picked up in Calgary (who knows how that worked) so on the way back to Fort Smith, he stopped by Fort Collins... and California.

John on the Mwave. Does this mean that we leaked classified material to a foreign agent? Full Album

We had a couple weeks of shennanigans, justifying anything strange with "John, this is 'merica!" We ran the Fort Collins local run at something like 40cfs (mindblowing if you're used to 100,000cfs), then headed to Mwave and Escalante, and off to California for a couple of the pseudo-classics. Basically, John came to America and watched Leif and Natalie paddle. Obviously he had a great time. Enjoy the slideshow.


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