Shameless photo dump: Cali Surfing

Beautiful weather, beautiful wave, poison oak everywhere. Full album

While we were in California this spring, we had a chance to spend a couple days at a really good wave (whose name I will not explicitly mention - this is still a very secretive spot). We tried to work these photos into other posts, but we couldn't really do them justice without their own full article.

Looking for some inverts. Full album

However, once I went through and picked out my favorites for a nice photo-heavy post, I realized that there wasn't much of a story. We came, we surfed, we blunted. The end. In fact, there weren't really all that many photos, since we spent most of our time surfing, and didn't want to get out of the water to shoot. Especially me. I barely got any photos of Natalie. So the post seems to be short of story, and short on photos. Well, tough luck. You just got tricked into reading it anyway.

Man, I look pretty good. Full album

Now a quick slideshow.


  1. You seem to do a lot of shameless stuff guys


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