Bringin it Home

photo by John Blyth

There was one phrase which always came to my mind over the course of about a week while Leif and I were in California: "We're Bringing it Home... This is what paddling is all about!" We had a series of paddling days in which each seemed to be better than the last...a great hometown rodeo in Auburn followed by a classic run down 49 to Bridgeport followed by a sweet class IV over-nighter on Deer Creek with our good buddies Alex and Alex followed by a day of adventure with just the two of us on not often run Brandy Creek followed by three days surfing an awesome wave on the Klamath while scouting wedding locations. The sequence of days couldn't of been better. I really felt like we were getting back to the basics, being on the water and enjoying it with some of our best friends. Not to mention that it felt great to go to my old stomping grounds in Calaveras to celebrate and cook my Mom a fabulous B-day dinner.

Below is a slide show from these few days. Unfortunately some of our pictures from 49 to Bridgeport and from Deer Creek got corrupted.

There will be more photos of Brandy Creek up on the Fluid Team blog and Leif wrote up a good description of the run on Eddy Flower.


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