Already worth the drive

Full album

Well, yesterday I was complaining about how terrible the drive up to the Slave was, but today we hit the Cassette rapids, and Rollercoaster was awesome. This wave is worth every second of the drive, and it's probably not even the best wave out here. Tomorrow, we're heading to Mountain Portage, and we'll probably hit the Chico hole and the Edge. For now, here are my favorite shots from the day.

Finishing that same trick. Full album

Theo, the intrepid photographer that took most of the shots in this post. Full album

John blunting. This photo was taken by Leif. Full album

Leif doing a fliperoo. Full album

John looking scenic. Full album

Another fliperoo. Full album

John Killin' it. Full album

For more action, check out John's (Johnny Misadventures) blog here.


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