The Flood Continues

John Blyth below the poo. Full album

Leif surfing. Photo by John Rathwell. Full album

Water levels on the Slave continue to refuse to drop. Today, we checked out the far side of Pelican, to see if there were any good waves over there. We found the Mosh Pit at an interesting level, and we were also able to surf Nigel's wave for the first time (as far as I've heard of).

Mosh Pit, with Nigel's in the background. John Rathwell photo. Full albumReady to drop in. Full album
Dropped in. Full albumNigel's wave. Photo by John Rathwell. Full album
Stabby. Photo: John Rathwell. Full albumJohn Blyth in Nigel's rapid proper. Full album
Doublesurf. Full albumDoublesurf duel. Full album
Wheelie. Full albumClean stab (it failed). Full album
Clean blunt (it failed). Full albumJohn stab. Full album

We've been keeping an eye on many different areas. A day or two ago, we went over to Grundy's Garage, near Maelstrom. There was a wave below there, but we couldn't catch it.
Scouting Grundy's. Full albumRunning Grundy's. Full album

We also went to Hangover Cure a few days back, but I forgot all about the photos. Here are a couple of my favorites. The Cure photos of me are all taken by John Blyth, and the Cure photos of John are taken by me.

Leif stab. Full albumJohn stab. Full albumJohn funny face. Full albumJohn fliperoo. Full album
Blunt. Full albumClean. Full albumFliperoo. Full album


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