I am writing this post for two partially related reasons,

1. Nostalgia for my boating partner who has whisked himself away to Northern Canada to do nothing but playboating (what a pansy ass).

2. I feel like our creekboating adventures have been severely under represented this summer on our blog. This is: partly because some person (who I will refrain from naming) only likes posting our kick ass photos on Fluid's site, partly because I am lazy and have not posted them yet, and partly because our two person team hasn't been taking as many photos as we should while running the shit. Apparently most rapids 'are not worth the trouble'.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures of Leif were taken by Natalie and visa versa.


We often run things in tandem and I am especially grateful to Seth Murphy for snagging these shots of our blitz run down the narrows at four feet. I believe that this was the last run Leif and I ran together before he drove off into the sunset. (either this or the Big South which we have no photos of). And just for the record, I beat the buck in the icecream game on both the Big South and the Narrows. I'm sure he is assuaging his ego right now up on the Slave after I thoroughly crushed it before his departure. To see Leif getting beat down on the Big South see the following video posted on Mountain Buzz (

Whiteline (left) and the middle line in the entrance to Lower Narrows (right). Leif flips about three seconds after each of these photos were taken. Photos by Seth Murphy.

Since Leif has been gone, I have been swamped with field work and I have finally gotten around to cleaning the house and fixing up the yard. The things you can get done when the men aren't around! I have gone out a few times to run the Big South and the Narrows. Thanks Evan Stafford and Nathan Werner for your company, you both make excellent replacement boating partners. Perhaps Leif and I should be parted more often so that I make the effort to expand my boating contacts beyond the bubble containing the person I live with, argue with and, love.


We did this run kinda early in the year when it was just barely high enough to run, or really just barely low enough not to run. We ran the first couple of sweet drops at the put in, went around a few bends and then hiked out for fear we would break our boats on sharp Colorado mining rocks before the season really even got started. Anyway, sometimes short days make for great photos.


Unlike Upper Clear Creek, Leif and I made it down to New Mexico for the high water runs on both the Rio Embudo and the Upper Taos Box. Although we didn't make it for the race, we were there a day or two later and so those of you who were there know exactly what I mean by high, HIGH. Although neither of us had run either of the two runs, we were able to route it down both with our efficient two person, practically non-verbal (because we can read one anothers minds), system. Unfortunately we have no photos of the Box because I don't believe Leif nor I got out of our boats all day. However, the upper Taos Box at really high flows is AWESOME and I highly recommend it if you like BIG WATER and are comfortable in it. We had a slightly longer day with many real scouts and eddy hopping on the Embudo and consequently we have some pretty cool photos.

I really like this photo.

scouting then coming out clean in slots of fun.


South Mineral Creek is a very photogenic short stretch which Leif loved. I usually opt for the longer runs which don't require hiking laps but you couldn't beat the incredible scenery. Apparently none of the rapids on the First Gorge Lime was worth getting our camera out for (even adrenaline falls).

Ice lakes creek



Leif and I went up the Eldorado Canyon to get some early season training in and found ourselves as the source of entertainment for crowds of people. I swear this is one of the most crowded and busy State Parks ever. We managed to get on the South Saint Vrain for its entirety and had an enjoyable experience (no pics). Sadly, I was unable to participate in the creek race on the SSV this year due to work but Leif did and had a good time I believe. This is one of my favorite creek races and I hope I'll be able to make it next year.


and of course, Oh BE JOYFUL

I only was able to get on this run when it was running high at the beginning of the season. What a hoot! Leif and I did two laps and then decided that our adrenaline was thoroughly pumped for the day. It is basically the same run as at low water, but padded and fast, very very very fast. When it is impossible for cars to drive over slate creek because it is running too deep and swift heads up you'll either have a great splashy time or be scared, or both. We only got pictures of our first lap and only of the put in boof, sorry.

I guess I forgot to mention the weather...

Thanks Leif for being (most of the time) a great partner both on the water and off.


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