Summer roadtrip video

If you live in Colorado, summer has been over for about 13 months now. However, if you're an international rock star, the party never stops, and the season is endless.

You can guess which category Natalie and I are in.

We had an awesome summer this year. Early in the season, we collected a lot of creekboating footage around Colorado for Natalie's 2012 Grand Prix application. It was good that we did that early, because the Colorado season never really happened this year. That didn't matter to us, though, because we were off to Idaho for the North Fork Championships and playboating on the Salmon, then onward to the Colombia Gorge, Skookumchuck, British Colombia, and finally our home away from home, the Slave River in the Northwest Territories.

We playboated, creekboated, and just had a great time traveling around. For the majority of the trip, we were joined by Markus and Maria from Germany, who are on a year-long sabbatical, traveling, kayaking, and raising money for their charity: It's a cool idea: you donate your time. Advertisers pay for ad space on a newsletter, and you can sign up for this newsletter. The ad money that is generated from your clicks and views and such goes to charity. So you donate to charity without spending any of your own money. Check out their site for more info, or to sign up.

Anyway, despite their incredibly slow van, the Germans joined us for about a month of really awesome paddling on the Slave. The water was high this year, but eventually dropped, so they got to see the full range of features that the Slave has to offer. I had to come home early for the Gore race (well, that and you know, school), but Natalie and the Germans stayed up there for another few weeks and got to surf Rockem Sockem, which is a low water feature that I have never gotten to experience. I was very jealous, but I consoled myself by putting together this video of our summer.

Summer Roadtrip Video from Leif Anderson on Vimeo.

It's really just a quick taste of all our adventures. Each little scene in this video could have been a whole movie of its own. If I didn't have this stupid Ph.D. taking up all my time, I would have put together at least 5 short films. Too bad for you, I guess.

Enjoy the summer video, and get ready for winter!


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