Just passing through...

We have just arrived at the Slave River in Fort Smith, NWT. It's a very long drive, and this year we broke the drive up by swinging through BC on the way. I mean, they're both in Canada, so they shouldn't be that far apart, right?

If you've been following our blog, you already know that we spent about 9 days at Skook as part of this expedition. The rest of our time was spent driving around late at night trying to find putins and takeouts, then camping in the rain. I guess we also did splash around occasionally on a few rivers.

Here are some shots from our creeking escapades. There is a slideshow with more photos at the end of the article.
Da Germans on De Farmlands. BC Boating
Natalie breezes through Mini Lava. BC Boating
All three sizes of the Bazooka at the Little White Putin. BC Boating
Natalie and Leif above Spirit BC Boating
The advantage of having them shoot video for everyone but me. BC Boating
From BC Boating
Markus had a birthday during our trip. Here is a clearly unstaged shot of him enjoying his cake. BC Boating
Yet again, we shot video of everyone but me, so here I am. BC Boating
Committed... BC Boating
Boofing just a little bit. Mamquam falls. BC Boating
Natalie uses her research laser rangefinder to measure the falls. (Upper right, on the bridge, green jacket.) BC Boating
Markus boofs into the upper Cheakamus. BC Boating
And here is a slideshow with even more photos. Stay tuned for relatively frequent updates of the trip to the Slave.


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