Slave 2012 - Week 2

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Week 2 - New rapid and Sweet Spot

Right at the end of last week, there was an explosion of new people. On their first day, we led them through the new rapid. We made Jen Eddie and Markus Leppaenen run it blind, because you can only do that once. The line got a little narrower with the reduced flows, which led to some great laughs after the rapid.

After that, we headed over to Cassette Rapids, where we finally found the water level where the feature called "The Bitch" is good to surf. No, we did not make up the name. The name of that feature has a bit of a story behind it, but let's just say that it's a little too... shocking... for the blog. If you know the story, that was hilarious. If not, sorry, that was probably nonsense.
And then I said, "yeah, left is fine. Hahaha!" Slave 2012
From Slave 2012
From Slave 2012
The germans at the Bitch. Slave 2012
From Slave 2012
Panning shot turned out, surprisingly. Slave 2012
Flows have dropped to about 5,000 cms (177,000 cfs), which is the high end for Sweet Spot. This feature is very dynamic wave located right in the outflow of Molly's Nipple. It's pretty hard to control, and I was happy when I finished a long session having thrown three moves. I was even more proud that I stuck two of them.
Markus tries not to pearl. Slave 2012
John with a flatspin that would have gotten a huge air bonus in a competition. Slave 2012
Jen and Mike Slave 2012
Natalie not quite in control. Slave 2012
Helix! Stuck! Slave 2012
Chillin at a sweet spot. Slave 2012
John with a facefull. Slave 2012
Natalie gets a little air. Slave 2012
Markus pops a wheelie. Slave 2012
With the dreads flying free! Slave 2012
The wave looks huge! Slave 2012
The scene at the spot. Slave 2012
Markus got like ten moves that day. Here's a particularly good one. Slave 2012
Keep checking back, because Sweet Spot will be good for at least a few more days. Then hopefully we'll get Roller Coaster.

In the meantime, here's a slideshow of all our shots so far:


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