Natalie's Grand Prix audition video

For more than a year now, we have been scheming and plotting, hoping to get Natalie invited to the 2012 Whitewater Grand Prix in Chile. We were about 6 months ahead of schedule making an application video (which you can see here). We had it finished before they even announced the location and format of the 2012 Grand Prix. Of course, as we know now, the 2012 event is going to be exclusively creek races, no freestyle events, so our original video, which was designed to show how well rounded of a paddler she was, no longer actually addressed the event. So we gathered more footage around Colorado, British Colombia, and basically wherever we could find water, and we put together this video:

Natalie Anderson Grand Prix entry video from Leif Anderson on Vimeo.

We barely got it done before the deadline, which was funny since in a way we had been working on it for over a year. I was pretty proud of my fancy editing work. Not so much the editing itself (although I am proud of that), but more the fact that I managed to produce a 2:43 video from a song that was originally 3:37 long, without cheesy fadeouts or anything. I'm proud of the fact that if I hadn't mentioned it just now, most people wouldn't know.

Speaking of proud, it was awesome to sit back and watch the finished video and think to myself: hey, that's my wife right there. She rocks. We're both pretty excited. We might have a shot of actually getting invited to this thing. However, the field is pretty stacked. Check out some of the other application videos:

Katrina Van Wijk

Nouria Newman

Louise Jull

The invitees will be announced in just a few weeks here. Wish us luck! And if she gets invited, wish us money!


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