Slave 2012 - Week 3

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2012 Week 1
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Week 3 - Or maybe week 3 and a half?

How did a whole week go by without me updating the blog? I'll tell you how: there were sick waves in every day, so I paddled all day, then went to bed. The water levels have just risen back up to 5300 cms (187,000 cfs), so nothing really good is in. However, for the last week or so, we've been surfing Rollercoaster almost every day. We took a lot of video, so we don't have quite so many stills, but it's still a large amount of media to sort through for this post.

Paddle mount GoPro. Slave 2012
The lighting is cool! Go do a trick right now! Photo by Mike Seitzinger. Slave 2012
Clearly not staged at all. Slave 2012
One of my favorite photos of all time. Slave 2012
From Slave 2012
From Slave 2012
We built a staircase for the Cassette takeout. Here is Natalie trying it out. Slave 2012
Where's the wave? Slave 2012
Markus with a strange backstab. Slave 2012
Natalie with a nice panam Slave 2012
Markus had some killer flashbacks. Slave 2012
Maria getting pitted! Slave 2012
Natalie drops some science between sessions. Slave 2012
John get even better at back pan ams Slave 2012
John drinks river water every day. Slave 2012
Keep checking back. If the water levels continue to not cooperate, I will hopefully be posting photos more frequently. In the meantime, here is a slideshow of all our photos so far:


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