Wedding Part II: The Wedding-- FINALLY!

I know that many of you were wondering if we actually got married or if it was all a hoax because the wedding photos have been conspicuously absent from the internet since May 28th.  Well here is the proof! For those of you who came, thanks for making our wedding the best wedding ever. For those of you who couldn't make it, these photos are going to make you wish you did. ENJOY!

 If you would like any of these photos, simply click on it and it will take you to our online Picasa account were you can download to your heart's desire. Most photos are by Darin McQuoid, but there are some additional photos from Shelby Evans, Joel Metzger, and Renee Kramer, among many others. Here is a short synopsis of the wedding without slodging through the hundreds of photos below. You can also read Wedding Part I: Leif's Bachelor Party and Wedding Part III: Honeymoon.

 Here are a couple of my favorites from the ceremony.

Leif's first glimpse of his bride.
From weddingceremony
It was beautiful,
From weddingceremony
We all cried...
From weddingceremony
From weddingceremony
And we all laughed,
From weddingceremony
From weddingceremony
And we did it!
From weddingceremony
From weddingceremony

Wow, do we know how to laugh! I think that my abs were sore after this dinner...

 We vow to commit our love to each other, to respect one another's individuality, to be with each other through life's changes, and to nurture and strengthen the love between us.

Although it was pissing rain right before the ceremony, the sun shone down on us for our vows.

I have a sound recording of the ceremony, if you are interested in hearing it, please e-mail me.

What a blast.

Thanks Tapwater and Nancy for making the music and food exceptional!

It was so fun to have everyone there helping out before and after the weekend. The verdict is in, all weddings should be four days long.

It is good to know your strength,
but always return to your flexibility.
If you can cradle your beloved in your arms,
love will flow through you.

It is good to achieve things,
but always return to anonymity.
Your beloved does not need your achievements,
but needs your uncomplicated soul.

It is good to work for change,
but always return to what is.
If you accept all things whether painful or joyful,
then you belong to each other.

-The Tao


  1. I'll say it again and again, best wedding ever! It truly spoke and reflected who ya'll truly are and the weather couldn't have been any more cooperative, well maybe the weather coulda been nicer, but we all had a blast anyways! Thanks Leif n Natalie, you two rock!


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