Wedding Part III: Honeymoon on the South Silver and UMC

I know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting Leif's epic bachelor trip post and our more than epic wedding post, but you'll just have to wait a little longer. Some photos that we want to use made their way to Canada and a flash drive is currently being shipped back to us. If you are just itchin to see some wedding photos I posted a short blog with some photos on the fluid site which you can see here.

In the mean time I thought that I would post up some photos from our Cali honeymoon. For the most part Leif and I spent our honeymoon catching up on some sleep at various people's houses and staying warm and dry. However, we did a few really nice day runs, including the South Silver and the UMC.

Natalie styles Skyscraper on the South Silver South Silver

The South Silver is an absolutely gorgeous and steep 1 mile of slides. The put in was snowed in so we hiked up with our buddy Dave Stentiford from Reno. The slides were awesome as you can see in the slideshow below.

We also made it down the Upper Middle Cosumnes (UMC for short).

Leif boofs Skatepark on the UMC UMC

I think that this might have been one of the most demanding runs that I have done. There were a lot of great drops that weren't exactly straight forward stacked one after another. On an easier run almost all of the drops would of been photo worthy, but since there were so many, we only took photos of a few. Thank you Darin for leading us down and to the rest of the crew (David, Tomas, Jonas, and Thomas.)

These photos were all taken a day after we were originally supposed to do the run with Dave da German and the Tomas the Latvian. We didn't do the run the previous day because Team Leif and Natalie had a beyond embarrassing experience getting lost on the way to put-in and spending most of the day hiking through poison oak. I say very embarrassing because there was a very clear road like trail to put-in. But of coarse, everything is obvious after the fact. Below is a photo of us returning to our car at 6:30 in the afternoon after a full day of poison oak thrashing only to find that those Europeans took our car to take out, assuming that we had done the run. Luckily the Kiwis were also doing the run and picked us up when they came back for their silver truck.

From UMC

Dude, where's my car?
Where's your car, dude?

We are now back in Colorado having a blast surfing up the Glenwood wave at above 20,000 cfs.


  1. Message from Canada, postal service is still on strike... no USB key for the near future.

  2. We are so fortunate to have such loving and supportive friends and family. If it weren't for our parents, we would have gotten married on a stump somewhere, wearing shorts and t-shirts! Thank you guys for all your help planning, preparing and paying for the wedding planner

  3. Wow, that last post is a total hoax. Family and Friends IGONORE it!


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