Gnarrows Race 2009!!!

I womped on good number of guy paddlers this last weekend at the Gnarrows Race on the Cache La Poudre to come in 4th out of 18 paddlers. For a complete pre-race to post race shit talk fest visit

The gnarrows race is hands down the best and most fun boater X ever. This low key event is attended by locals and is not an official event. There are no entry fees, no bibs, just plain old fun. The preliminaries are usually held in heats of four or five and the racers paddle from upper narrows all the way down through lower narrows, it is exhausting! The top two paddlers advance. Kevin, whom I call fancy no pants due to the fact that he was wearing a leopard print thong for the event, almost caught up to me on the last drop of narrows, but I eeked through to semi-finals. Semi finals and finals are held just on lower narrows. The key to winning these heats is to jockey for a good starting position. I had crappy starting position for both the semi-finals and the finals. However, I was able to snag second place during semi finals due to Casper Mike's flip to swim, which threw todd offline and allowed me to paddle through. Unfortunately during finals as I was about to snag third place in front of Kyle McCutchen, Marty got stuck in front of me and threw me into some slow water above the last drop. Marty and Kyle snagged second and third respectively. Congrats to Christian for an uncontested awesome champion finish. And great job to Nathan who took fifth after debating whether or not he wanted to race.

Below is a slide show of pictures from the day which my mother took, thanks mom!

The race was awesome and the after party was a new experience for me as we boiled and ate crawfish, and sucked their heads. And of course, I made the party complete by setting off some awesome grease bombs from some fat that I had been saving up for a year. We also broke out the maple whiskey which was a nice touch to the end of an incredible day.

I also had to include a slide show of the crawfish feed. I forgot to get the camera out for the grease bombs so there are no really cool explosion photos, oops.


  1. flip to swim... come on natalie you ran my ass over... all fair though its boater X!


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