Back From the Grand Prix

Well, Leif and I finally made it home from Chile.  If any of you were wondering where all of our coverage of the Grand Prix is, I can assure you, it is coming!  Leif and I did not take a computer with us on our trip and so we are just starting to wade through the pictures and footage.  So stay tuned, we are going to be coming out with a series of articles in the next two weeks about each race to give you a blow by blow of the event and the trip; our perspective of the moods, emotions, and how the event went.  We felt that this aspect was missing in the official coverage (and see their facebook page) and are excited to provide it to you.

The official videos are pretty short, but I believe that more material will be released in the coming month, so keep checking.  For example, I know that there will be a badass women's edit just featuring the seven ladies!

I would like to thank everyone who supported our trip to Chile: Fluid, Stohlquist, Season 5, Steve Robinson, John Kramer, Nathan Werner, John Blyth, Adam Bathe, Shaina Sabatine, Kirsten Bradley and Family, Brian and Holly Gardel, O'Shay Wood, Arla Yost, Russell Kramer, Beth McVay, Tony Miely, David Frank, Jess Reimer, Colleen Woodward, Jenifer Johnsrud, Ben Luck, and Spencer's Dad.

I competed hard and felt honored to be able to represent for my kayaking family, my friends, my sponsors, Colorado and all women boaters.  In a few days I will put up a post about the first stage of the event, The Gol Gol Enduro, but in the mean time here are a few photo teasers from our travel to chile and first few days.

On the way to Chile we did some paddling on the Great Falls of the Potomac. Check out Leif's photos and writeup here.

A few nights before we left we stayed up pretty late making some badass boat bags. My grandma would be proud! Thanks Kari for your last minute sewing machine loan

Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo of the finished product. They worked really well. The American Airlines agent immediately assumed we has some sort of surfing equipment and we got on the plane for $150 a boat.

Our fist day we paddled the beautiful and classic Palguin.

Pretty fun portage

Natalie on Boof to Swim, photo by Leif.

Natalie on the Middle Palguin. Photo by Leif. For reasons only known to Leif, he did not run this drop. Reminiscent of my descent down Metlako, I was the first one off the drop. The go pro footage of my line has disappeared so this may be the only shot you get to see of my line and evidence is gone that I also ran stout ten. Pero, no importa.

Hunt dishes out a nice line

Leif did not teach her this, she already knew it

Kick off meeting for the Grand Prix in Entre Lagos

We got to catch up with a lot of our kayaking pals, including life stoked Jakub Nemec

It is nice to be home. Now it is time to buckle down and put my science pants on!


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