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In order to help fund our trip to the 2012 Grand Prix in Chile, our sponsors have graciously donated some gear that we are selling to support our trip. If you are interested in any of the items below,  make a bid in the comments section at the end of the blog.  Bidding ends the day we leave, Nov 26th.  If you are the winning bid, after you pay us we'll get the items shipped to you.  If you win the drysuit you may just have to wait until after we get back in January.  The other items will ship straight from the sponsors.

Also, note that this whole thing is sort of informal. We reserve the right at any time to totally change the rules, and by "bidding" here you are not entering into any formal legal agreement. This ain't ebay. And we don't want to get sued.
  1. New Men's Large Bpod with neoprene gasket from Stohlquist.
    $700 value. The suit shown in the link above is black, but the one we have for sale is that nice yellow/mango type color. We have the suit and we'll be the ones sending it, but it is a brand new suit and has never been used. Let me re-iterate that the neck gasket is a neoprene gasket. That's not bad or anything (they're incredibly comfortable), but some people care a whole lot, and I wouldn't want the person who bought the suit to be surprised.
  2. Two brand new helmets direct from WRSI:
    A small red moment
    A sweet full face helmet!  I have the blue and black one and will be wearing that at the Prix!  Leif has the red one.  So comfortable that I forget I'm wearing a full face.
    $138 value.  Minimum bid $80.
     A large green trident.  A great composite helmet.  I wish I had this helmet; it looks very sexy.
    $168 value.  Minimum bid $100.
  3. One complete outfit from Season Five.
    This includes a long sleeved top, pants and booties. ~$200 value.  I'd love to sell this as an outfit, but if you really only want one piece make an offer.  If someone wants the complete outfit they get priority.  Since this is so size specific, the winning bid will get to tell us what size they want and I'll contact Season Five who will mail it to you.  I love the booties.  They are perfect to put over your drysuit booties for protection and increased dryness.  The material is waterproof so the shirt is great to wear overtop your thermals, but under your drytop.  Don't expect these items to be thermal, they are waterproof and great to wear under your stuff, but I recommend layering them with a warmer fuzzier base layer.  Both Leif and I are huge fans.  I like wearing the top sometimes instead of a drytop in warmer weather or on flatwater.  Great for SUPing!



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  2. I'll start the bidding for the red helmet at $100. As long as it'll fit a size 62 head!

  3. I'll start the Season Five outfit for $120.


    1. I´ll put in a $130 for the Season Five stuff :-)

  4. Okay, bidding is closed. Dad got the dry suit, Nathan the season5 and adam the helmet. Anyone want to bid on the green helmet?

  5. Okay, bidding is closed. Dad got the dry suit, Nathan the season5 and adam the helmet. Anyone want to bid on the green helmet?

    1. natalie - do you still have the green helmet available? my head is 24" around so I need a LARGE helmet. Let me know. Thanks!
      - Mark Saymon, u can reply via FAcebook probably best

    2. Helmet is still available. I'll try to find you on Facebook.


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