I don't really know why, but it has started to piss me off when people refer to Skookumchuck as "Skooks". I have noticed this trend elsewhere in kayaking. The Upper Five is "Uppers," Pandora's Box is "Pandora's" (well, I guess that's not too bad), Bailey Creek is "Bailey's". I first heard John Rathwell call it "Skooks" as he was planning to go there after his visit to the Slave river. At the time I put it down to his inept usage of the English language. John frequently misuses apostrophes, so I figured his bizarre pluralization was a personal quirk. I figured they might even be related, since leaving out an apostrophe sometimes pluralizes the word that you left it out of. However, in the years since I have heard this same label over and over.

This ends today. Never again shall anyone refer to this wave as "Skooks".

I don't know how I will enforce that, but that was your warning. Watch it, world.

Anyway, we stopped off at skook on our way up to the Slave this year. Check out the photos, and in the dim distant future we might be able to put together a video. There is a slideshow with more photos at the end of the article.
Natalie waits for the wave. Skook 2012
Maria drops in. Skook 2012
Markus is STOKED. Skook 2012
Natalie and Markus dual tricking. Skook 2012
Natalie stabs the Dope. Skook 2012
The Element rocks. Seriously, it's so sick I can't believe it. Skook 2012
Maria figures out the blunt, quite nicely. Skook 2012
Markus. Nuff said. Skook 2012
Element is so sick. If I had children, they would be jealous of the love that I have for this boat. Skook 2012
Element. Element. Skook 2012
Dope. Skook 2012
During tricks, I have special shark eyelids that protect my eyes while I am in the freestyle frenzy. Skook 2012
One of the last surfs of the evening. Skook 2012
Sunset looking "upstream" Skook 2012
Almost as cool as Rollercoaster. Skook 2012
Here is a slideshow of a few more of my favorite photos. We were surfing for more than a week straight, so there were a ton of shots. It was hard to trim it down to just this many.


  1. The same people who call it skooks, also use the word steazy (a combination of stylish and eazy). I guess Leif, you're just not 'down' with the kids anymore :)

    1. I got steez! I still got steez! Damn it.


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