Not much happening right now

So, it's been so long since we posted anything that I figured even the relatively minor adventures of this last weekend were worth writing about. Nathan, Spencer (a.k.a. "buddy") and I took a weekend trip to the BV playpark. It was cold, the water was low, and we were out of shape. It was better than not kayaking, and we had a blast.

Here is a quick photo essay of the trip.

"Are you serious?" As we were packing to leave, Spencer realized that weekend trip meant an overnight stay. BV in March

"They've kidnapped me, sweetie! Send the money and maybe they'll release me sunday afternoon." BV in March

Spencer gets ready for the cold water. BV in March

Nathan gets in while we complain about the long lines. Dustin Urban was there ahead of us. BV in March

Spencer at the LoDo wave at 400. BV in March

Dustin seemed to be able to throw just about any trick at this spot, but this loop by Nathan was pretty much the only move any of us did all weekend. BV in March

Spencer's cold face. BV in March

Nathan and Tucker having some fun. BV in March

Me throwing a blunt. BV in March

Flushing out my brain with a chilly mcnasty. BV in March

Getting changed in the cold cold wind. This was the worst part of the day. While in the water, my gear kept me warm, but once I got naked afterwards... BV in March

We stayed at Nathan's parents' house, and woke up to some fresh snow up in the hills the next morning. Motivation levels were low, so we didn't take any photos once we got in the water.

There was less wind, but then again, all our gear was coated in ice from the day before. BV in March

It was cold enough that our "wet" gear was actually still dry, since it was frozen solid. This seems to be happening to me a lot this year. BV in March

Spencer gets ready for more fun. BV in March

Next week, Natalie and I have spring break, so we'll be writing from sunny California.


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