Lyons Outdoor Games 2009

I have no idea how this happened, but somehow, I finished the Lyons games without a single photo of myself. I took a handful of photos of other people, but nobody stepped up to the plate and took photos of me. I'm baffled. Last year, we ended up with literally hundreds of photos of me and Natalie. This year, zero. It's probably because Natalie wasn't there.

Fortunately for you, loyal fans, I am now a pro photographer. That's right. I sold a photo. For twenty bucks! Obviously I won't post it on the blog, sorry, but this is just more evidence of my amazing skills. Clearly the other photos are also on par. Check out this work of art.

Lyons games EXTREME! Full album

Everyone loves photos of cute kids, so here's a handful of those.

Sage and Henry. Full album
Legit slalom. Full album
Next I'll be posting photos of kittens or something. Full album

Alright, that's about enough of that. Wouldn't want the folks at home to think that I was not hardcore.

After the slalom race, Ty hopped into my large Nemesis and I took some photos of him. The boat was a little too big for him, but that just meant that he was getting great pop on his loops. I waded out close to the hole to get some interesting shots. The photos made the cold legs worthwhile.

Ty launching. Full album

How did this get in there? Where's the hardcore kayaking? Eric Bissel. Full album

Pretty good, Ty. Full album

I thought this shot was very dynamic, even though it's not really a huge loop. Full album

This was the angle that I liked Full album

Leif, do you have a boat sponsor? What were they called again? Full album

Pat Keller borrowed an RPM and showed us all how to tricky wu. Full album

Another interesting shot. Full album

One last loop. Full album

That should put a stop to Ty's complaints that I never post photos of him.

Finally, I always like to have at least one photo of the boatercross, since the Lyons games' boatercross is one of the wackiest races that I've seen. It's a relay race. Traditionally, the competitors start with pushups, run through some tires, paddle downstream, go through a slalom gate, toss their paddles over another slalom gate, punch the play hole, and run back to start to tag their next teammate. The paddle toss is usually the most exciting part of the race. Since it can take anywhere from one to twenty tries, this is where the race is won or lost. Also, the gate that they're tossing their paddles over hangs under the bridge where the spectators wait, which can make for some great photos.

Photo by Ty Newton. Full album

All photos (except the last one) by Leif Anderson.


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